Thursday, November 26, 2009


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The Lost Princess...

Peace be upon you.

Hey readers, how's everything? I hope everything is very fine with you there.

I would like to share a piece of mind of mine.

First of all, let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, there lived a princess in a golden palace. She had everything she wanted and she was satisfied with her life. One day she asked the king whether she could go hunting with him. Although she did not know how to hunt but she was an excellent archer and she knew how to handle her favorite white horse. The king allowed his one and only princess to go with him.

In the wood, she suddenly saw a beautiful, bright and big blue butterfly. She silently followed it until she lost the sight of her father and their body guards. As the blue butterfly was also out sight, she was worried as this was the very first time she stepped into the wood.

She galloped all the way through, without knowing her destination until she stopped at a small, old little cabin.

‘Hello, anybody here?’

‘Lost your way, young lady?’

An old woman with a girl at her age was standing behind. The old woman was carrying a basket of fruits while that girl was holding a bouquet of flower. They smiled sweetly at the princess’s pitiful look.

‘Yes, I am. May I know what are guys doing here in the woods?’

‘We live here. It’s getting dark now. You can stay here if you want. Tomorrow we’ll help you find your way back home. You must be unfamiliar with this wood. Let’s get inside.’

As the princess got down from her pretty white horse, she decided to keep her identity.

As the night went, the sun smiled at the small cabin, the old woman was making the breakfast with the help of her daughter. The princess was amazed to see beautiful butterflies of all colors around them. The simple bread and butter made the princess felt special as she never talked much during meal time. The king and queen would just speak about the country’s problems without paying much attention on her. There, they were talking about how beautiful the whether was and how the flowers in the wood had blossomed and they would pick them to put them in the house to attract more butterflies inside.

After a memorable breakfast, the princess decided to head back home. She told them she was living in the town. The girl walked while the princess mounted her horse. All the way to town, they were talking about the soft morning breeze, the sounds the animals made, the princess even asked the name of the flowers and trees and the girl explained excitedly.

As they arrived in town, the princess exclaimed in happiness.

‘We’re here! Thank you so much for your help. You and your mother have been really helpful and I’m thankful to have found you guys.’

‘I’m pleased to help you out.’

The princess then galloped to her palace with a big smile. Everybody was worried about her but she had an amazing experience to be shared. When the princess had been crowned the queen, she ruled her kingdom wisely and treated everyone without discriminations.

The end

Bedtime story is now over and you can go to bed. Haha just kidding, don’t take it to heart. Moral of the story? I’m not sure whether or not I can provide you with more than just one moral value. Hehe…

Courtesy costs nothing.

The princess did not act as a princess in the wood.

I’m not saying that you have to keep your identity whoever you are but whoever you are, it is not as difficult as it seems to be courteous, is it?

The woman and her daughter treated an outsider nicely in an intention to help her.

What I’m trying to point out is that, if they can be courteous to an outsider, why can’t we be courteous to people around us?

This may be a mere story but I wish I could be like the princess. Although she was blinded by rank and money, she was not blind at heart.

I may not good in story telling but I’m sure I do have a point to be shared, don’t I?

Anyone wish to add anything? Well, they say sharing is caring. =)

“ Dan sampaikanlah khabar gembira kepada orang-orang yang beriman dan berbuat kebajikan, bahawa untuk mereka (disediakan) syurga-syurga yang mengalir di bawahnya sungai-sungai. Setiap kali mereka diberi rezeki buah-buahan dari syurga, mereka berkata, ‘Inilah rezeki yang diberikan kepada kami dahulu.’ Mereka telah diberi (buah-buahan) yang serupa. Dan di sana mereka (memperoleh) pasangan-pasangan yang suci. Mereka kekal didalamnya.”


~this story is a fiction, is has nothing to do with living or dead people. If any similarities are met, they are out of intention

~amalmater, at last I’ve wrote something in this blog! Hehe…

~hopefully I manage to write something helpful, although not very refreshing, new blogger in town. =p

~long post,huh? thank you for reading till the very last drops of ink!

Yours lovingly lovely,

Nadia The Pink

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Introduction I :The House Members.

Here goes an introduction of rumah dapur's occupants. (:

pic 1
The Fivers

pic 2
she's the only one we've got! (: lovely Luci

These are the members of the small house we have (:
Sweet house occupied by six sweet members huh? tee hee XD
Further introduction bout them will hit later on, dude!

Oh. btw, The Fivers are all medical students.
Lovely Luci? She's a maths expert.

That's all.

me writing, tety

Tuesday, November 17, 2009



hai guys!
kami akan mulakan dunia baru kami di alam blog ini!!!
blog ini merupakan blog perkongsian antara kami, ahli keluarga RUMAH DAPUR...

so enjoy reading...